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'Best' Practice versus 'Good' Practice

Since the DBP Website was established in 2004 some of the submissions published as 'Best' practice have since become 'Good' practice.
In this instance 'Good' practice is defined as offering a standard common sense solution, or a CDM compliant approach to everyday issues encountered in the construction industry.
The 'Best' practice categorisation is now redefined as a solution employing innovative thinking or a ground breaking approach worthy of special note.
Therefore to reflect this change items considered as 'Best' practice will in future be identified with a adjacent to the subject to differentiate them from submissions that are considered to be 'Good' practice.
Consequently any new submission featured on the website could reflect either 'Good practice' or 'Best practice', as denoted by the notation.

Filename Case Study Title
DBP00307 Safe Transportation of Bracing Members
DBP00306 Heavy Duty Trolley
DBP00305 Smartphone Commissioning - FCU & VAV Controllers
DBP00304 Spill Response
DBP00303 Survey Aids
DBP00302 Ice Warning Signs
DBP00301 Telescopic Mobile Tower
DBP00300 Best Practice for Rubber Bellows Maintenance
DBP00299 The Lighthouse Club
DBP00298 Data Cabinet Layout
DBP00297 Digital Version of a Sketch
DBP00296 3OTech Fire Detectors
DBP00295 Demolition to Reduce Work From Height
DBP00294 Matterport 3D Scanning
DBP00293 Dry Mixing On Site Dust Collection Systems
DBP00292 3D Modelling to Pre Determine Service Penetrations
DBP00291 Fume Extraction for Mild Steel Welding
DBP00290 High Spec Dumper Trucks
DBP00289 M&E Penetrations Firestopping Schedule Using BIM
DBP00288 Zero Carbon Satellite Welfare Cabins
DBP00287 Roof Access for Plant Installation
DBP00286 Peco Lift Side Guards
DBP00285 Plaster Board Trolley
DBP00284 Protection of Emergency Detection Systems During Construction
DBP00283 Biophillia - The Wellbeing Benefits of Biophillic Design
DBP00282 Temporary Floor Protection & Walkways
DBP00281 Wireless Call Points for Construction Sites
DBP00280 Effective Design using Digital Twin Model Extracts - BIM
DBP00279 Gulley Hook Lifter
DBP00278 Importance of Undertaking the Appropriate Asbestos Survey
DBP00277 Temporary Weather Protection - Contarps
DBP00276 Reducing Diesel Emissions
DBP00275 The Balometer Stand - Reducing Working at Height
DBP00274 Safe Access to Wagons
DBP00273 Tools Falling From Height
DBP00272 FRP Strengthening of Masonry Sheer Walls
DBP00271 Volume Control Damper Motorisation
DBP00270 MEWP Safety Features
DBP00269 Noise Awareness in Construction
DBP00268 Radio Frequency Controlled Luminaires
DBP00267 Preformed Service Penetrations in Composite Walls
DBP00266 Preventing Unauthorised Access to Tower Cranes
DBP00265 Handling & Storage of Vinyl Rolls
DBP00264 Additions to Steelwork for a Safer Project
DBP00263 Heat Dissipating Gel
DBP00262 Magnetic Plaster
DBP00261 Sheet Materials Movement
DBP00260 Importance of Surveying Buried Services
DBP00259 Cutting Stations
DBP00258 Biodegradeable Hydraulic Oil
DBP00257 Special Survey Tool
DBP00256 Penthouse Modules
DBP00255 Hard Standing for Construction Phase
DBP00254 Pre-cast Concrete Lift Shaft Walls
DBP00253 Ductwork Cleaning - An Automated Solution
DBP00252 Temporary Cable Management
DBP00251 External Refurb of Unusual Structures
DBP00250 Pre Assembled Units/Sub Modules
DBP00249 Innovative Steelwork Erection Aid
DBP00248 Specialised Lifting Lug
DBP00247 Innovative Design of Cladding System
DBP00246 Safe Access to Unusual Structures
DBP00245 Revolutionary Aluminium Pipeline Connection System
DBP00244 Reducing Hand Arm Vibration Exposure in Steelwork Fabrication
DBP00243 Walk On Maintenance Floor - Flexibility in Design
DBP00242 Emergency Call
DBP00241 External Envelope Protection
DBP00240 Prefabrication & Offsite Manufacture - Case Study
DBP00239 Simple Clean Room Edge Protection
DBP00238 Design Scaffold Protetcion over a Live Building
DBP00237 Workable Space - Importance of Visual Representation
DBP00236 Plasterboard Handling - Contract Design Stage
DBP00235 Universal Safety Signage
DBP00234 Design Solution for Unloading & Loading Skips
DBP00233 Modular Staircases
DBP00232 Heavy Masonry Units - Contract Design Stage
DBP00231 CoolZone Ceiling Tiles
DBP00230 Flexible Porous Paving
DBP00229 Timber Skid Racks
DBP00228 Natural Light Tubes
DBP00227 Steel Equipment Foundations
DBP00226 Modular Design & Offsite Manufacture
DBP00225 Roof Access - Fall Prevention
DBP00224 Benefits of Modular Construction
DBP00223 LED Street Lights
DBP00222 Painting - Column Support Posts
DBP00221 Fragile Domed Rooflight Refurbishment
DBP00220 Unusual Construction Sequences
DBP00219 Manual Envelope Maintenance Systems
DBP00218 Heavy Glass Buildability - Sketch Sequencing Drawings Guidance
DBP00217 Bio-Diverse Roofs - Maintenance Access Strategy
DBP00216 Effective Delivery of Safety Information
DBP00215 Roof Lights & Fragile Roofing Materials - Detailed Design Guide
DBP00214 Mechanical Envelope Maintenance Systems
DBP00213 Building the London Eye
DBP00212 Demolition of Unusual Structures
DBP00211 Backfilling Solution Behind Basement or Retaining Walls
DBP00210 Riser Safe Protection
DBP00209 Hinged Site Lighting Brackets
DBP00208 Unusual Steelwork Erection
DBP00207 Reducing Construction Site Fire Risks
DBP00206 Glass Roof Cleaning & Maintenance Strategy
DBP00205 Fragile Roof Lights
DBP00204 LED Replacement Tubes
DBP00203 Handling Heavy Glass Screens
DBP00202 Re-Bar Design to Reduce Hazards
DBP00201 LED Emergency Lighting
DBP00200 Wireless kinetic Switches
DBP00199 Retrofit PIR
DBP00198 Bus Bar Trunking
DBP00197 Practical Column Bases
DBP00196 Tethered Tools
DBP00195 Access Through Suspended Ceilings
DBP00194 Concrete Construction Design - Reducing Health Risks
DBP00193 Beam Detection Installation Best Practice
DBP00192 Large Span Composite Roofing panels
DBP00191 Refrigerent Recovery and Evacuation Point
DBP00190 Accessible Gasses Outlet Enclosures (For Cleanroom Applications)
DBP00189 Flexible Pipework for Low Pressure Gas Installations
DBP00188 Pre Cast unit - Turning Plate
DBP00187 Dynamic Lighting
DBP00186 Dust Avoidance
DBP00185 Managing Internal Riser Ducts
DBP00184 Design for Lighting Maintenance Access
DBP00183 LED Lighting
DBP00182 Sequencing and Design Considerations for Demolition
DBP00181 Improving Maintainability of Power Distribution Units
DBP00180 Extract Duct Maintenance � Design to Improve Access
DBP00179 Critical Risks - A Proposed potential Demolition Sequence
DBP00178 Facade Installation - Specialist Access Equipment Design
DBP00177 Design Tips for Improved Piling Safety
DBP00176 Pre-installed Supports for M&E Services
DBP00175 Mock Ups to Verify a Complex Structure
DBP00174 Temp Construction Access Openings
DBP00173 Modular Piperacks 2
DBP00172 Proprietary Reinforcement Continuity System
DBP00171 Co2 Air Quality Sensors
DBP00170 Platform Access System
DBP00169 Thermal Imaging Surveys
DBP00168 Laboratory Ceiling Pods
DBP00167 Easily Configurable Cable Transits
DBP00166 Parapet Handrail
DBP00165 Stainless Chilled Water Headers
DBP00164 Overheating of Chilled Water Pipework
DBP00163 Betaguard Scaffold
DBP00162 Temporary Penetration Covers
DBP00161 Fermacell Board vs Traditional Methods
DBP00160 Reducing Heat Build up in Ceiling Voids
DBP00159 Identifying Significant Risks with Symbols
DBP00158 The Quickest Way to the Top
DBP00157 Reduce Co2 with Higher Grade Steel
DBP00156 Staircase Framing to Aid erection
DBP00155 LMAC Avoidance
DBP00154 Powering Down Desktop Sockets
DBP00153 Installation & Testing of Fire Alarm
DBP00152 Flush Clean Room Trunking
DBP00151 Bump Caps
DBP00150 Safe Change of Hepa Filter Housing
DBP00149 On Site Waste Segregation
DBP00148 Use of Galvanized Ductwork
DBP00147 Remote Separator Alarms
DBP00146 Boss X3 Micro Powered Platform
DBP00145 Enviromental wash system
DBP00144 Installing insulation on high temp pipes
DBP00143 Clearance around CHW brackets
DBP00142 Genie MEWPS
DBP00141 Grey Water Recycling
DBP00140 Column Bases with Bracing
DBP00139 Glass Panel Failure
DBP00138 PreFab Meeting Room Modules
DBP00137 Interact Fire Bolt Caps
DBP00136 Closing Out Ceilings - Timely Installation
DBP00135 Mapress Pipework in Practice (Feedback on DBP00090)
DBP00134 Tension Control Bolts
DBP00133 Prefab Boiler Modules
DBP00132 Grease Separator
DBP00131 Modular Lifting
DBP00130 Thermal Breaks in Practice (Feedback on DBP00071)
DBP00129 Modular Construction
DBP00128 Handrails Designed Into Staircases
DBP00127 Slip Grip Stair Treads
DBP00126 Desk Mounted Modules
DBP00125 Pre-Fabricated Modules
DBP00124 Support of Heavy Plant
DBP00123 3D Assett Visualisation
DBP00122 Locking off an Isolator Switch
DBP00121 Kingspan Koolduct Ducting System
DBP00120 Reduced Pressure Zone Valve
DBP00119 Commpac Manifold Box
DBP00118 Dominator Flow ManagementSystem
DBP00117 Commisioning Modules Fan Coil and Chilled Beams
DBP00116 Thermostatic Circulation Valve Replacement
DBP00115 Natural Ventilation
DBP00114 Distributed Input and Output in HVAC
DBP00113 Plant Room Lighting - Energy Control
DBP00112 Trailer Access Platforms
DBP00111 Stress Corrosion Cracking
DBP00110 Lindab Presealed Ductwork
DBP00109 Landing Steel Columns
DBP00108 Side Rail Edge Protection
DBP00107 Heavy Duty Pallets
DBP00106 Lighting Energy Conservation
DBP00105 Withdrawable Motor Control Centres
DBP00104 Flexible Floor Boxes
DBP00103 Gate Valves vs Butterfly Valves
DBP00102 Pre Fabricated Pump Sets
DBP00101 Fire Protection In Critical Areas
DBP00100 Mini Personnel Access Lift
DBP00099 Use of Sacrificial Pipework to Maintain Construction Programmes
DBP00098 Site Temporary Electrical Services Energy/Maintenance Savings
DBP00097 Service Hangers - Cap Ends for Screwed Rod & Channel
DBP00096 Simplified Sleeve in lieu of Complex Wall Box
DBP00095 Cast-In Sockets For Temporary Balustrading
DBP00094 Water Tanks (storage cisterns) & Legionella Risk Assessments
DBP00093 Hot Water Cylinders for Legionella Risk Assessments
DBP00092 Thorsman Poles
DBP00091 Prefabricated Condensor Kits
DBP00090 Mapress Pipework
DBP00089 Self Erecting Crane
DBP00088 Urinal Flushing & Water Saving
DBP00087 Underground Cable/Pipe Detection
DBP00086 Gripple Wire
DBP00085 Suspended Ceiling Damage Prevention
DBP00084 Dry Lining of Brick and Block Walls
DBP00083 Co-ordination of Services in Ceiling Voids
DBP00082 Collapsed Drain/Ground Stabilisation
DBP00081 690Vac LV Motor Control Centres
DBP00080 Coloured Bolt Bags
DBP00079 Steel Plate Plug Detail
DBP00078 Insulation Muffs
DBP00077 Fire Stopping - Pacifyre Pipework
DBP00076 Perimeter Trunking to Lab Bench
DBP00075 Flat Roof Specification
DBP00074 Open Space Emergency Lighting
DBP00073 Atrium Lighting
DBP00072 Molabolt Peg Anchors
DBP00071 Joint Thermal Insulator
DBP00070 Quicker Steel Drilling
DBP00069 Twin Valley Gutters
DBP00068 Steam Condensate Trap Set
DBP00067 Pressure Reducing Valves
DBP00066 Plate Heat Exchangers
DBP00065 Fast, Secure and Quiet Installation of Cable Containment
DBP00064 Building Layout
DBP00063 Curtain Walling
DBP00062 Protection Rails for Safety Barriers
DBP00061 Roof Access
DBP00060 Glazed Ballastrades
DBP00059 Cost effective 3D modelling
DBP00058 Steel Beam & Precast Units Permanent Formwork
DBP00057 Bolted Connection of Steelwork to Concrete Soffit/Walls
DBP00056 Infilling of concrete walls below completed slabs
DBP00055 Illumination of Steam Raising Boiler House Using Secondary Reflective Lighting
DBP00054 Control of External Area Flood Lighting to Residencies
DBP00053 Stub Column Pinned Connection
DBP00052 Car Park Floodlighting Local to Overhead Electrical Power Lines
DBP00051 Auto-Dialer Fault Signalling System
DBP00050 Modular Lighting System
DBP00049 Equipment Handling Solutions - Laboratories
DBP00048 Ergonomic Adjustable Fume Cupboard Support
DBP00047 Peers Marking System
DBP00046 Modular Service Riser
DBP00045 Marketing Location Aids Erection
DBP00044 Large Modular Plant Room
DBP00043 Podger Holes to Aid Erection
DBP00042 Structural Abuse
DBP00041 Peers Preferred Sections And General Section Information
DBP00040 Staircase Base Fixings
DBP00039 Fully Threaded Bolts
DBP00038 Standard & Symmetrical Plates
DBP00037 Modular Plantrooms
DBP00036 Flexible Fire Suppression Spinkler
DBP00035 Fire Stopping Ductwork
DBP00034 Co-ordination Datum Lines
DBP00033 Service Loading Allowances
DBP00032 Erector Friendly Safe Joints
DBP00031 Designated Service Routes
DBP00030 Simple Steelwork Competancy Test
DBP00029 Cover Plate Bracing Connections
DBP00028 Lifting Frame for Modular Piperacks
DBP00027 76m Span Modular Pipe Bridge
DBP00026 Simple Pin Detail
DBP00025 Edge Protection Supports
DBP00024 Prefabricated Valve Sets
DBP00023 Integrated Service Riser
DBP00022 Podium / Aircraft Type Access Working Platforms
DBP00021 Recessed Holding Down Bolts "UPDATED"
DBP00020 Pneumatic Tubing Initiative
DBP00019 Parapet Wall detailing
DBP00018 �Intelligent� Motor Control Centres
DBP00017 Electrical and Control Panel Lifting
DBP00016 DCS Expansion
DBP00015 Temporary Laydown Platforms for Materials storage
DBP00014 Temporary Cantilevered Landing Platforms
DBP00013 Clean Technique for Slab Break Out and Removal of Upper Floor Slabs
DBP00012 Controlled Method of Equipment Manoeuvring / Erection
DBP00011 Unistrut Support Services Grid
DBP00010 RevB Plant & Services Support System
DBP00009 Modular Construction of Stone Panels
DBP00008 Prefabrication of Steelwork
DBP00007 Integrated Service Column / Panel Design
DBP00006 Atrium Lighting
DBP00005 Temporary Support Steelwork for High Level Work Platform
DBP00004 Edge Protection (The 'Towel Rail' Initiative)
DBP00003 Modular Construction and Installation of Services Risers
DBP00002 Trimming tops of Concrete Piles
DBP00001 Demolition work within existing buildings