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"Best" Practice vs "Good" Practice

Case studies identified with a adjacent to the subject are considered "Best" practice.
Other case studies are considered "Good" practice.
See Case Study Index for a detailed explanation of the system.


04.04.19 - DBP00277 - Temporary Weather Protection - Contarps - C Achilles - Peers (Build)

04.04.19 - DBP00276 - Reducing Diesel Emmsions- P Airey - Peers (Build)

04.04.19 - DBP00275 - The Balometer Stand - Reducing Working at Height - A Garratt - End Systems (Mech)

15.10.18 - DBP00274 - Safe Access To Wagons - N Rowen - KDC (Struct)

15.10.18 - DBP00273 - Tools Falling From Height - A Hill - CAH Safety (Struct)

03.09.18 - DBP00272 - FRP Strengthening of Masonry Sheer Walls - D Pozo & M Asinari - Mott Macdonald (Struct)

03.09.18 - DBP00271 - Volume Control Damper Motorisation - I Bielderman - Bouyges (Mech)

06.07.18 - DBP00270 - MEWP Safety Features - S Nolan - Peers (H&W)

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"HSE recognises the essential part that designers can play in driving forward improvements in the health and safety performance of the UK construction industry. As such we need to encourage the identification and promotion of innovative design ideas. I welcome the numerous examples of good design practice compiled by Design Best Practice, which may help designers to reduce risks during the construction phase and beyond. I hope that the practical examples in DBP will help designers to achieve �safety through design�: identifying and eliminating hazards where they are able, and reducing risks from the hazards that remain. Designers need to understand how their project can be constructed, cleaned and maintained safely. I am encouraged by the sharing of experiences represented here and look forward to more contributions to this valuable resource in the future."
Philip White - Chief Inspector of Construction and Head of HSE�s Construction Division