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"Best" Practice vs "Good" Practice

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Company Contributor Case Study Title
Chris Achilles - Severfield N&I DBP00307 - Safe Transportation of Bracing Members
Chris Achilles - Severfield N&I DBP00306 - Heavy Duty Trolley
Brian Street DBP00301 - Telescopic Mobile Tower
Brian Street DBP00297 - Digital Version of a Sketch
Bob Jackson - BGEN DBP00294 - Matterport 3D Scanning
Jason Riddell - Green CS DBP00293 - Dry Mixing On Site Dust Collection Systems
Jason Riddell - Green CS DBP00289 - M&E Penetrations Firestopping Schedule Using BIM
Chris Brightman White - Austin Co. DBP00287 - Roof Access for Plant Installation
Ian McDonald - Overbury DBP00286 - Peco Lift Side Guards
David Williams - BGEN DBP00284 - Protection of Emergency Systems During Construction
Ondrej Stepan - Wilson James DBP00282 - Temporary Floor Protection and Walkways
Mark Clayton - BGEN DBP00280 - Effective Design Using Digital Twin Extracts - BIM
Chris Achilles - Peers Steelwork DBP00277"> - Temporary Weather Protection - Contarps
Paul Airey - Peers Steelwork DBP00276"> - Reducing Diesel Emissions
David Greaves - BGEN DBP00265 - Vinyl Floor Handling
Chris Achilles - Peers Steelwork DBP00256 - Penthouse Modules
Ed Mortell - LMA DBP00255 - Hard Standing for Construction Phase
Ed Mortell - LMA DBP00254 - Pre-cast Concrete Lift Shaft Walls
Paul Bussey - DIOHAS DBP00251 - External Refurbishment of Unusual Structures
Mariana Asinari - Mott MacDonald DBP00247 - Innovative Design Of Cladding System
Paul Bussey - Scott Brownrigg DBP00246 - Safe Access to Unusual Structures
Mike Jones - Oasis Services DBP00245 - Revolutionary Aluminium Pipeline Connection System
Joey Pang- Mott MacDonald DBP00243 - Walk On Maintenance Floor - Flexibility in Design
Jim Zhou - Lend Lease DBP00242 - Emergency Call
Leigh Renshaw DBP00241 - External Envelope Protection
Paul Bussey - Scott Brownrigg DBP00240 - Prefabrication & Offsite Manufacture - Case Study
Graham Sex - Austin Co. DBP00239 - Simple Cleanroom Edge Protection
Steve Youngman - PM Group DBP00238 - Design Scaffold Protection over a Live Building
Paul Bussey - Scott Brownrigg DBP00236 - Plasterboard Handling - Contract Design Stage
Steve Youngman - PM Group DBP00235 - Universal Safety Signage
Daniel O'Brien - Peers Steelwork DBP00233 - Modular Staircases
Paul Bussey - Scott Brownrigg DBP00232 - Heavy Masonry Units - Contract Design Stage
Chris Achilles - Peers Steelwork DBP00229 - Modular Design & Offsite Manufacture
Matthew King - Cockram Construction DBP00227 - Modular Design & Offsite Manufacture
Glyn Shawcross - BGEN DBP00226 - Modular Design & Offsite Manufacture
DIOHAS DBP00225 - Roof Access - Fall Prevention
Mark Edwards DBP00224 - Benefits of Modular Construction
Chris Achilles - Peers Steelwork DBP00222 - Painting - Column Support Posts
DIOHAS DBP00221 - Fragile Domed Rooflight Refurbishment
DIOHAS DBP00220 - Unusual Construction Sequences
DIOHAS DBP00219 - Manual Envelope Maintenance Systems
DIOHAS DBP00218 - Heavy Glass Buildability - Sketch Sequencing Drawings Guidance
DIOHAS DBP00217 - Bio-Diverse Roofs - Maintenance Access Strategy
Paul Bussey - ScottBrownrigg DBP00216 - Effective Delivery of Important Safety Information
DIOHAS DBP00215 - Roof Lights & Fragile Roofing Materials - Detailed Design Guide
DIOHAS DBP00214 - Mechanical Envelope Maintenance Systems
DIOHAS DBP00213 - Building the London Eye
DIOHAS DBP00212 - Demolition of Unusual Structures
Brian Street DBP00211 - Backfilling Solution Behind Basement or Retaining Wall
Brian Street DBP00210 - Riser Safe Protection
Mark Porter DBP00209 - Hinged Site Lighting Brackets

Arup / HSE DBP00207 - Reducing Construction Site Fire Risks

Scott Brownrigg / HSE DBP00206 - Glass Roof Cleaning & Maintenance
Scott Brownrigg DBP00205 - Fragile Roof Lights
Scott Brownrigg DBP00203 - Handling Heavy Glass Screens
Robert Jackson - BGEN DBP00200 - Wireless Kinetic Switches
Chris Achilles - Peers Steelwork DBP00197 - Practical Column Bases
Tony Murphy- Hutchinson Eng DBP00196 - Tethered Tools

ARUP / HSE DBP00194 - Concrete Construction Design - Reducing Health Risks
Steve Mannion - ADT DBP00193 - Beam Detection Installation Best Practice
Tony Warburton - Red Architectural DBP00192 - Large Span Composite Roofing Sheets
Jonathan Morton - BGEN DBP00190 - Accessible Gasses Outlet Enclosure
Jonathan Morton - BGEN DBP00189 - Flexible Pipework for Low Pressure Gas Installations

Paul Bussey - Scott Brownrigg DBP00186 - Dust Avoidance

Scott Brownrigg / HSE DBP00185 - Managing Internal Riser Ducts

ARUP / HSE DBP00182 - Sequencing and Design Considerations for Demolition

ARUP / HSE DBP00175 - Mock Ups to Verify a Complex Structure
Andy Gorny - Mott MacDonald DBP00172 - Proprietary Reinforcement Continuity System
Kat McCartney - KDC Contractors DBP00170 - Platform Access System
Alex Bessant - Green Contract Services DBP00169 - Thermal Imaging Surveys
Leighton Kirk - Derry Building Services DBP00168 - Laboratory Ceiling Pods
Chris Achiles - Peers Steelwork DBP00162 - Temporary Penetration Covers
Tony Leach DBP00161 - Fermacell Board vs Traditional Methods
Tony Leach DBP00160 - Reducing Heat Build up in Ceiling Voids
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00158 - The Quickest Way to the Top
Daniel O'Brien - Peers Steelwork DBP00156 - Staircase Framing to Aid Erection
Stuart Dawson - Temple Somerville (P&D) Ltd DBP00145 - Enviromental wash system
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00142 - Genie MEWPS
Paul Airey - Peers DBP00140 - Column Bases with Bracing
Leo Pickford DBP00139 - Glass Panel Failure
Brian Street DBP00138 - PreFab Meeting Room Modules
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00131 - Modular Lifting
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00129 - Modular Construction
Gary Lewis - Killelea DBP00128 - Handrails Designed into Staircases
Mike Keighery - Temple Somerville (P&D) Ltd DBP00127 - Slip Grip Stair Treads
Andrew Fewster - BGEN DBP00123 - 3D Assett Visualisation
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00112 - Trailer Access Platforms
N Connors - Carillion DBP00109 - Landing Steel Columns
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00108 - Side Rail Edge Protection
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00107 - Heavy Duty Pallets
Matthew Ward - Cape DBP00100 - Mini Personnel Access Lift
Peter Austin - Amec DBP00095 - Cast-In Sockets For Temporary Balustrading
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00091 - Prefabricated Condensor Kits
Tony Whitworth - FK Roofing DBP00089 - Self Erecting Crane
Sara Sutton DBP00084 - Dry Lining of Brick and Block Walls
Brendan Timlin - Austins DBP00083 - Co-ordination of Services in Ceiling Voids
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00080 - Coloured Bolt Bags
Peter Hargreaves - Mott MacDonald DBP00079 - Steel Plate Plug Detail
Brian Woodward - BGEN DBP00073 - Atrium Lighting
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00037 - Modular Plantrooms
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00035 - Fire Stopping Ductwork
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00034 - Co-ordination Datum Lines
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00031 - Designated Service Routes
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00028 - Lifting Frame for Modular Piperacks
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00027 - 76m Span Modular Pipe Bridge
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00025 - Edge Protection Supports
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00023 - Integrated Service Riser
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00022 - Podium / Aircraft Type Access Working Platforms
Pat McLaughlin DBP00017 - Electrical and Control Panel Lifting
Graham Hutchinson - Jacobs DBP00015 - Temporary Laydown Platforms for Materials storage
Graham Hutchinson - Jacobs DBP00014 - Temporary Cantilevered Landing Platforms
Graham Hutchinson - Jacobs DBP00012 - Controlled Method of Equipment Manoeuvring / Erection
S.Bowker DBP00011 - Unistrut Support Services Grid
S.Bowker DBP00010 - Roof Pro' Plant Support System
DBP00009 - Modular Construction of Stone Panels
Chris Oakes - Mott MacDonald DBP00008 - Prefabrication of Steelwork
S.Bowker DBP00007 - Integrated Service Column / Panel Design
DBP00006 - Atrium Lighting
DBP00005 - Temporary Support Steelwork for High Level Work Platform
DBP00004 - Edge Protection (The 'Towel Rail' Initiative)
DBP00003 - Modular Construction and Installation of Services Risers
DBP00002 - Trimming tops of Concrete Piles
Chris Oakes - Mott MacDonald DBP00001 - Demolition work within existing buildings