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Company Contributor Case Study Title
Chris Achilles - Severfield N&I DBP00307 - Safe Transportation of Bracing Members
Chris Achilles - Severfield N&I DBP00306 - Heavy Duty Trolley
Keith Brown - Honeywell DBP00305 - Smartphone Commissioning - FCU & VAV Controllers
Michael McCarron - Byrne Civil Solutions DBP00304 - Spill Response
Brian Street DBP00302 - Ice Warning Signs
David Williams - End Systems Ltd DBP00299 - The Lighthouse Club
Nikki Rowen - KDC Contractors DBP00295 - Demolition To Reduce Work From Height
Jason Riddell - Green CS DBP00293 - Dry Mixing On Site Dust Collection Systems
Steve Nolan - Peers Steelwork DBP00291 - Fume Extraction for Mild Steel Welding
Stuart Gatwood - ACS CS DBP00290 - High Spec Dumper Trucks
Jane King - Altrad DBP00288 - Zero Carbon Satellite Welfare Cabins
Ian McDonald - Overbury DBP00286 - Peco Lift Side Guards
Ian McDonald - Overbury DBP00285 - Plaster Board Trolley
Steve Nolan - Peers Steelwork DBP00281 - Wireless Call Points for Construction Sites
Jason Riddell - Green Contract Services DBP00278 - Importance of Appropriate Asbestos Survey
Steve Nolan - Peers Steelwork DBP00270 - MEWP Safety Features
Chris Sorenson - Overbury DBP00269 - Noise Awareness in Construction
Chris Achilles - Peers Steelwork DBP00256 - Penthouse Modules
Ed Mortell - LMA DBP00254 - Pre-cast Concrete Lift Shaft Walls
Jason Riddell - Green CS DBP00253 - Ductwork Cleaning - An Automated Solution
Paul Bussey - DIOHAS DBP00251 - External Refurbishment of Unusual Structures
Paul Bussey - Scott Brownrigg DBP00246 - Safe Access to Unusual Structures
Paul Airey - Peers Steelwork DBP00244 - Reducing Hand Arm Vibration Exposure in Steelwork Fabrication
Jim Zhou - Lend Lease DBP00242 - Emergency Call
Graham Sex - Austin Co. DBP00239 - Simple Cleanroom Edge Protection
Steve Youngman - PM Group DBP00235 - Universal Safety Signage
Paul Bussey - Scott Brownrigg DBP00232 - Heavy Masonry Units - Contract Design Stage
DIOHAS DBP00225 - Roof Access - Fall Prevention
Paul Bussey - ScottBrownrigg DBP00216 - Effective Delivery of Important Safety Information
Diohas DBP00215 - Roof Lights & Fragile Roofing Materials - Detailed Design Guide
Paul Bussey - Scott Brownrigg DBP00203 - Handling Heavy Glass Screens

Arup / HSE DBP00194 - Concrete Construction Design - Reducing Health Risks
Mark clayton - BGEN DBP00187 - Dynamic Lighting

Paul Bussey - Scott Brownrigg DBP00186 - Dust Avoidance
Mike Jones - Oasis Services DBP00171 - Co2 Air Quality Sensors
Chris Blundell - Bouygues DBP00151 - Bump Caps
P Morgan - Henshaws DBP00149 - On Site Waste Segregation
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00112 - Trailer Access Platforms
Higgins LCP Ltd DBP00094 - Water Tanks (storage cisterns) & Legionella Risk Assessments
Higgins LCP Ltd DBP00093 - Hot Water Cylinders for Legionella Risk Assessments
Sara Sutton DBP00084 - Dry Lining of Brick and Block Walls
Jonathan Morton - BGEN DBP00066 - Plate Heat Exchangers
John Thornley - Mott MacDonald DBP00054 - Control of External Area Flood Lighting to Residencies
Colin D'Souza DBP00049 - Equipment Handling Solutions - Laboratories
Colin D'Souza DBP00048 - Ergonomic Adjustable Fume Cupboard Support