243 DBP - SHE Index

SHE Index

SHE - An Explanation
Safety, Health & Environmental (SHE)

The following (Safety, Health & Environmental) SHE titles are allocated to each of the Design Best Practice ideas submitted. For example, a prefabrication example may reduce or eliminate manual handling hazards. In this case, the Design Best Practice submission will be linked to 'manual handling'. This will then allow persons using the web site to search for ideas based on the SHE benefit that it gives. Of course, some ideas have more than one SHE benefit and so they can be linked to more than one SHE filter.

"Best" Practice vs "Good" Practice

Case studies identified with a adjacent to the subject are considered "Best" practice.
Other case studies are considered "Good" practice.
See Case Study Index for a detailed explanation of the system.


1.   Abrasive Wheels
2.   Asbestos & Man-Made Mineral Fibres (incl. CAF gaskets)
3.   Cartridge Operated Tools
4.   COSHH
5.   COMAH Regs 1999 (Control of Major Accidents Hazards Regs)
6.   Confined Spaces Working (incl. explosive atmospheres)
7.   Demolition
8.   Driving and Vehicle Management
9.   Drugs and Substance Misuse

10.   Electricity
11.   Environment
12.   Excavations & Buried Services
13.   Eye Protection
14.   Fire Prevention & Control
15.   First Aid
16.   Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regs 98
17.   Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome & RSI
18.   Harnesses
19.   Head Protection
20.   Highly Flammable Liquids/LPG/Petroleum Spirits and Mixtures
21.   Hoists/Mast Climbers
22.   Housekeeping
23.   Hoists/Inductions
24.   Ladders, Steps and Trestles
25.   Hoists/Lead
26.   Lifting Appliances and Lifting Gear incl. MEWP�s, Gin Wheels & Pulleys, Cranes (See Plant & Equipment for Fork Lift Trucks).
27.   Lone or Isolated Working
28.   Manual Handling and Lifting
29.   Noise & Hearing Protection
30.   Netting (Safety)
31.   Outside Working (Sun Protection, Cold, Wet)
32.   Permits to Work
33.   Personal Protective Equipment

34.   Plant & Equipment & PUWER Regs (incl. Fork Lift Trucks)
35.   Pressure Testing (+Pressure Vessel Regs)
36.   Radiography
37.   Risk Assessments & Method Statements
38.   Respiratory Protection
39.   Roofs and Working at Height (incl. Fragile Roofs)
40.   Safety Signs & Notices
41.   Skin Protection (incl. gloves, clothing, dermatitis)
42.   Scaffolding 43.   Stress
44.   Subcontractor Control
45.   Tool Box Talks
46.   Training
47.   Welding (Gas, Arc, Brazing + Fumes) incl Gas Bottles
48.   Wellbeing Facilities
49.   Woodworking Machines
50.   Working over Water
51.   Working Time Regulations 1998
52.   Workplace (Display Screen Equip) Regs
53.   Young People at Work