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"Best" Practice vs "Good" Practice

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Other case studies are considered "Good" practice.
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Company Contributor Case Study Title
Keith Brown - Honeywell DBP00305 - Smartphone Commissioning - FCU & VAV Controllers
Ben Burgess - Sodexo DBP00300 - Best Practice for Rubber Bellows Maintenance
Adrian Ward - Austin Company DBP00292 - 3D Modelling to Pre Determine Service Penetrations
Alan Garratt - End Systems Ltd DBP00275 - The Balometer Stand - Reducing Working at Height
Ian Bielderman - Bouygues DBP00271 - Volume Control Damper Motorisation
Adrian Ward - Austin Company DBP00267 - Preformed Service Penetrations in Composite Walls
Jason Riddell - Green CS DBP00263 - Heat Dissipating Gel
Jason Riddell - Green CS DBP00253 - Ductwork Cleaning - An Automated Solution
Mike Jones - Oasis Services DBP00245 - Revolutionary Aluminium Pipeline Connection System
Robert Lloyd DBP00231 - CoolZone Ceiling Tiles
Glyn Shawcross - BGEN
DBP00226 - Modular Design & Offsite Manufacture
Mark Edwards
DBP00224 - Benefits of Modular Construction
Brian Street
DBP00210 - Riser Safe Protection

Arup / HSE DBP00195 - Access Through Suspended Ceilings
Steve Mannion - ADT DBP00193 - Beam Detection Installation Best Practice
Mike Jones - Oasis Services DBP00191 - Refrigerent Recovery and Evacuation Point
Jonathan Morton - BGEN DBP00190 - Accessible Gasses Outlet Enclosure
Jonathan Morton - BGEN DBP00189 - Flexible Pipework for Low Pressure Gas Installations

Arup / HSE DBP00180 - Extract Duct Maintenance � Design to Improve Access

Arup / HSE DBP00176 - Pre-installed Supports for M&E Services
Leighton Kirk - Derry Building Services DBP00168 - Laboratory Ceiling Pods
Dave Richardson - Bouygues DBP00165 - Stainless Chilled Water Headers
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00164 - Overheating of Plastic Chilled Water Pipework
Paul Bussey - Scott Brownrigg DBP00159 - Identifying Risks with Symbols
Steve Mannion - ADT DBP00153 - Installation & Testing of Fire Alarms
Chris Blundell - Bouygues DBP00151 - Bump Caps
Paul Wilde - BGEN DBP00150 - Safe Change of Hepa Filter Housing
P Morgan - Henshaws DBP00149 - On Site Waste Segregation
Martin Wheeler DBP00148 - Use of Galvanized Ductwork
John Hackett - Interserve DBP00146 - Boss X3 Micro Powered Platform
Jason Riddell - Green CS DBP00144 - Installing insulation on high temp pipes
Jason Riddell - Green CS DBP00143 - Clearance around CHW brackets
Andrew Malloy - Compass Energy Consulting Engineers DBP00141 - Grey Water Recycling
Jason Riddell - Green CS DBP00136 - Closing Out Ceilings - Timely Installation
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00135 - Mapress Pipework in Practice (Feedback on DBP00090)
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00133 - Prefab Boiler Modules
Mark Clayton - BGEN DBP00132 - Grease Separator
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00129 - Modular Construction
Phil Ramshead - Bouygues DBP00125 - Pre-Fabricated Modules
Brian Woodward - BGEN DBP00124 - Support of Heavy Plant
Brian Woodward - BGEN DBP00122 - Locking off an Isolator Switch
Simon Lowry - Green CS DBP00121 - Kingspan Koolduct Ducting System
Higgins LCP Ltd DBP00120 - Reduced Pressure Zone Valve
Paul Wilde - BGEN DBP00119 - Commpac Manifold Box
Paul Wilde - BGEN DBP00118 - Dominator Flow ManagementSystem
Mark Pilkington - BGEN DBP00117 - Commisioning Modules Fan Coil and Chilled Beams
Mark Pilkington - BGEN DBP00116 - Thermostatic Circulation Valve Replacement
John Rush - BGEN DBP00115 - Natural Ventilation
John Rush - BGEN DBP00114 - Distributed Input and Output in HVAC
Paul Marsh - BGEN DBP00111 - Stress Corrosion Cracking
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00110 - Lindab Presealed Ductwork
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00103 - Gate Valves vs Butterfly Valves
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00102 - Pre Fabricated Pump Sets
Matthew Ward - Cape DBP00100 - Mini Personnel Access Lift
John Lockwood - BGEN DBP00099 - Use of Sacrificial Pipework to Maintain Construction Programmes
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00097 - Service Hangers - Cap Ends for Screwed Rod & Channel
Joey Pang - Mott MacDonald DBP00096 - Simplified Sleeve in lieu of Complex Wall Box
Higgins LCP Ltd DBP00094 - Water Tanks (storage cisterns) & Legionella Risk Assessments
Higgins LCP Ltd DBP00093 - Hot Water Cylinders for Legionella Risk Assessments
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00092 - Thorsman Poles
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00091 - Prefabricated Condensor Kits
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00090 - Mapress Pipework
Higgins LCP Ltd DBP00088 - Urinal Flushing & Water Saving
Brian Greenhalgh DBP00087 - Underground Cable/Pipe Detection
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00086 - Gripple Wire
Sara Sutton DBP00085 - Suspended Ceiling Damage Prevention
Brendan Timlin - Austins DBP00083 - Co-ordination of Services in Ceiling Voids
Jason Riddell - Green CS DBP00078 - Insulation Muffs
Nigel Lenegan - BGEN DBP00077 - Fire Stopping - Pacifyre Pipework
Mike Capraro - BGEN DBP00068 - Steam Condensate Trap Set
Mike Capraro - BGEN DBP00067 - Pressure Reducing Valves
Jonathan Morton - BGENg

DBP00066 - Plate Heat Exchangers
Colin D'Souza DBP00048 - Ergonomic Adjustable Fume Cupboard Support
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00046 - Modular Service Riser
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00044 - Large Modular Plant Room
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00037 - Modular Plantrooms
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00036 - Flexible Fire Suppression Spinkler
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00034 - Co-ordination Datum Lines
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00031 - Designated Service Routes
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00024 - Prefabricated Valve Sets
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00023 - Integrated Service Riser
Fred Aspinall - BGEN DBP00020 - Pneumatic Tubing Initiative
S.Bowker DBP00011 - Unistrut Support Services Grid
S.Bowker DBP00010 - Roof Pro' Plant Support System
S.Bowker DBP00007 - Integrated Service Column / Panel Design