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"Best" Practice vs "Good" Practice

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Company Contributor Case Study Title
Kevin Coker - DCE Datacoms DBP00297 - Data Cabinet Layout
Matt Makin - ADT DBP00296 - 3OTech Fire Detector
Bob Jackson - BGEN DBP00294 - Matterport 3D Scanning
Adrian Ward - Austin Company DBP00292 - 3D Modelling to Pre Determine Service Penetrations
David Williams - BGEN DBP00284 - Protection of Emergency Systems During Construction
Robert Jackson - BGEN DBP00268 - Radio Frequency Controlled Luminaires
Brian Street DBP00252 - Temporary Cable Management
Jason Riddell - Green CS DBP00228 - Natural Light Tubes
Glyn Shawcross - BGEN DBP00226 - Modular Design & Offsite Manufacture
Brian Woodward - BGEN DBP00223 - LED Street Lights
Brian Street DBP00210 - Riser Safe Protection
Mark Porter DBP00209 - Hinged Site Lighting Brackets
Robert Jackson - BGEN DBP00204 - LED Replacement Tubes
Robert Jackson - BGEN DBP00201 - LED Emergency Lighting
Robert Jackson - BGEN DBP00200 - Wireless Kinetic Switches
Robert Jackson - BGEN DBP00199 - Retrofit PIR
Brian Forshaw - BGEN DBP00198 - Bus Bar Trunking

Arup / HSE DBP00195 - Access Through Suspended Ceilings
Steve Mannion - ADT DBP00193 - Beam Detection Installation Best Practice
Mark clayton - BGEN DBP00187 - Dynamic Lighting

Arup / HSE DBP00184 - Design for Lighting Maintenance Access
Brian Woodward - BGEN DBP00183 - LED Lighting

Arup / HSE DBP00181 - Improving Maintainability of Power Distribution Units

Arup / HSE DBP00176 - Pre-installed Supports for M&E Services
Mike Jones - Oasis Services DBP00171 - Co2 Air Quality Sensors
Leighton Kirk - Derry Building Services DBP00168 - Laboratory Ceiling Pods
Robert Jackson - BGEN DBP00167 - Easily Configurable Cable Transits
Paul Bussey - Scott Brownrigg DBP00159 - Identifying Risks with Symbols
Graham Clark - BGEN DBP00154 - Powering Down Desktop Sockets
Steve Mannion - ADT DBP00153 - Installation & Testing of Fire Alarms
Derek Beasley - Austin Co. DBP00152 - Flush Clean Room Trunking
Chris Blundell - Bouygues DBP00151 - Bump Caps
Mark Clayton - BGEN DBP00147 - Remote Separator Alarms
John Hackett - Interserve DBP00146 - Boss X3 Micro Powered Platform
Jason Riddell - Green CS DBP00136 - Closing Out Ceilings - Timely Installation
Keith Hellawell DBP00126 - Desk Mounted Modules
Brian Woodward - BGEN DBP00122 - Locking off an Isolator Switch
John Rush - BGEN DBP00114 - Distributed Input and Output in HVAC
Barry Wright - BGEN DBP00113 - Plant Room Lighting - Energy Control
Andrew Fewster - BGEN DBP00106 - Lighting Energy Conservation
Paul Meadows - BGEN DBP00105 - Withdrawable Motor Control Centres
Barry Wright - BGEN DBP00104 - Flexible Floor Boxes
Brian Woodward - BGEN DBP00101 - Fire Protection In Critical Areas
Matthew Ward - Cape DBP00100 - Mini Personnel Access Lift
Graham Clark - BGEN DBP00098 - Site Temporary Electrical Services Energy/Maintenance Savings
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00097 - Service Hangers - Cap Ends for Screwed Rod & Channel
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00092 - Thorsman Poles
Brian Greenhalgh DBP00087 - Underground Cable/Pipe Detection
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00086 - Gripple Wire
Sara Sutton DBP00085 - Suspended Ceiling Damage Prevention
Brendan Timlin - Austins DBP00083 - Co-ordination of Services in Ceiling Voids
Fred Aspinall - BGEN DBP00081 - 690Vac LV Motor Control Centres
Nigel Lenegan - BGEN DBP00077 - Fire Stopping - Pacifyre Pipework
Derek Beasley - Austin DBP00076 - Perimeter Trunking to Lab Bench
Andy Banks - LMP DBP00075 - Flat Roof Specification
Brian Woodward - BGEN DBP00074 - Open Space Emergency Lighting
Brian Woodward - BGEN DBP00073 - Atrium Lighting
Barry Wright - BGEN DBP00065 - Fast, Secure and Quiet Installation of Cable Containment
John Thornely - Mott MacDonald DBP00055 - Illumination of Steam Raising Boiler House Using Secondary Reflective Lighting
John Thornely - Mott MacDonald DBP00054 - Control of External Area Flood Lighting to Residencies
Chris Oakes - Mott MacDonald DBP00052 - Car Park Floodlighting Local to Overhead Electrical Power Lines
Carl Clensy DBP00051 - Auto-Dialer Fault Signalling System
Lee Considine - BGEN DBP00050 - Modular Lighting System
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00046 - Modular Service Riser
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00044 - Large Modular Plant Room
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00037 - Modular Plantrooms
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00034 - Co-ordination Datum Lines
Chris Achilles - Peers DBP00031 - Designated Service Routes
Julian Williams - Bouygues DBP00023 - Integrated Service Riser
Pat McLaughlin DBP00018 - �Intelligent� Motor Control Centres
Pat McLaughlin DBP00017 - Electrical and Control Panel Lifting
Robin Whitehead DBP00016 - DCS Expansion
S.Bowker DBP00011 - Unistrut Support Services Grid
S.Bowker DBP00007 - Integrated Service Column / Panel Design
DBP00006 - Atrium Lighting