The sustainability group are currently assembling a portfolio of information to help guide the decision making process from a sustainability point of view.

The following lays out the groups initial ideas.

Principles of Sustainability.

1. Energy and co2 Emmisions
Reducing demand
Meeting end use demands
Supply from low carbon sources
Supply from renewable sources
Energy management

2. Water Use
Reducing demand
Collection & recycling grey water
Recycle black water
Enable water management

3. Adapting Buildings for Climate Change
Heat gain reduction
Effective thermal mass
Ventilation strategy
Active cooling
Enable future adaptability

4. Flood Risk
Location selection
Risk reduction
Design for flood resilience

5. Sustainable Drainage Systems
Site run-off reduction
Natural drainage systems

6. Transport
Private car reduction
Public transport provisions
Sustainable modes of transport

7. Ecology and Biodiversity
Site ecology
Compensation schemes

8. Pollution
Minimisation at source
Site environment
Disposal of pollutants

9. Waste Management
Reduce waste
Reuse materials and equipment (and facilitate future re-use)
Recycle waste (and facilitate recycling)
Compost biodegradable waste
Recover energy from waste (and facilitate energy recovery from waste)

10. Lifecycle Impacts of Materials and Equipment
Sustainable sources selection
Low in-use environmental impact

11. Local Environment and Community
Local community impact
Noise pollution
Light Pollution
Neighbourhood building issues